Car Rental Reservations in Puerto Vallarta

Important Information: *Please Read Before Inquiring*

Group Size and Stay Details

When requesting car rental reservations in Puerto Vallarta, kindly provide the total number of individuals in your group, your accommodation details for the rental period (including multiple accommodations if applicable), arrival and departure information, and notify us if you have bulky items such as surfboards or golf clubs. This information ensures a smoother rental process and helps us address any potential issues beforehand.

Local Use Only

It’s crucial to note that all our vehicles must remain within 200 kilometers of the PVR airport.
Hence, our rentals are strictly for local use only.

Vehicle Selection

Be mindful of road conditions, as some areas have rough terrain. Our Kia, Nissan, and Renault vehicles may not be suitable for rough roads due to their low clearance, increasing the risk of bottoming out. Ensure compatibility between your chosen vehicle and your accommodation. For rough terrain, opt for vehicles with higher clearance. Feel free to consult us about road conditions; our extensive local knowledge can assist you.

Insurance Coverage

Safety is paramount; hence, all our rates include comprehensive insurance coverage: liability, collision, and medical. Upon arrival at our office, we require a Visa or MasterCard pre-authorization (deposit), ranging from $10,000 MXN to $30,000 MXN based on the vehicle’s seating capacity. This pre-authorization is refunded upon vehicle return.

Rates, Fees & Taxes

Our website displays rates for a 7-day period, inclusive of full coverage insurance and Federal Mexican sales tax (IVA). Additionally, round trip VIP transportation to and from the airport is provided. For shorter or longer rental durations, please inquire for an accurate quote.


All rentals are for 24-hour periods and include a full tank of fuel; kindly refuel before returning the vehicle. Rates are quoted in Mexican Pesos, and exchange rates can be checked on at the time of payment.

Reservation Confirmation

If you haven’t received a response within 24 hours, please email us at

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